Naïve romanticism and OBJECTive constructions of Time…

Having merged paradoxically into one whole, and they cannot be imagined without the other.

Savage instincts and sensuality, a man and a woman, an eternal game of the two beginnings, removed from time, and naïve SIGNificativeness, “understandable”, appealing, yet only with a hint at specific reality.

Yet it is impossible to be completely removed from the current historical moment.

And this link is recognized in the things created in defiance of time.

But transfer to another level in this time-dependent spiral through the vivid polyphonic nature, through colour, emotions, sounds and silence, through roaring, wailing and screaming… It is like birth and arriving to the same point but at a different level, where burden and tragic character of Time will have a culminating significance.

It is an ultimate concentration and “completion” of every sign within the multitude of available meanings.

It is the same “naive language,” yet used to speak about another matter. It is the ABC of the artist, his “native tongue” in which the archetype is not as important as a secondary aspect which marks accurately, precisely and painfully the epoch and the Time.

And the reserve of the object’s language reveals itself in an inverted proportion to emotional perception.

Stagnation exists within the reference points for objective historical time and due to “the nerve” of an individual subjective perception.

And there is no bigger happiness - and at the same time Burden - to embody Time – from the Beginning of Times through the dark days of stagnation.

Natalia Sitnikova