Solo exhibitions

2012 - "Dialogue with the continuation". Olga Bulgakova, Alexander Sitnikov, Natalia Sitnikova. Gallery on Chistye prudy, Moscow.

2011 – "Biblical scetches". Kultproekt gallery, Moscow.

2010 – Olga Bulgakova. "Octyabr" magazine art and literature project. Cultural centre "Pokrovskie vorota", Moscow.

2009; 2000 – Bulgakova - Sitnikov. "Mimi Ferzt Gallery". New York, USA.

2009 – Gogol. Portrait. Kvadrat gallery, St.Petersburg.

2008 – Bulgakova - Sitnikov. Painting. Objects. Saratov State art museum.

2007 - 2008 – Bulgakova - Sitnikov. State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow.

2006 – Bulgakova - Sitnikov. "Life Signs". M’ARS Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow.

2005 – Bulgakova - Sitnikov. "The Physics of Time". AIS –AICA Project. Art salon. Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2004 - 2005 – "Trialogue". Olga Bulgakova, Alexander Sitnikov, Natalia Sitnikova. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

2004; 2001; 1999 – Bulgakova - Sitnikov. De Twee Pauwen gallery. Den Haag, Netherland.

1997 – Zalman gallery. New York, USA.

1990 – Bulgakova - Sitnikov. "International Images" gallery. Sewickley, PA, USA.

Selected group exhibitions

2011 – Concerning the Spiritual Tradition in Russian Art. Selections from the Kolodzei Art Foundation. Chelsea Art Museum, New York.

– Moscow Circle. In project "Surrealism. Russian tradition". The Moscow State museum "Burganov's House".

– Transformations. O. Bulgakova, N. Nesterova, P. Perevezentsev, S. Yakunin.
Kultproekt gallery, Moscow.

2010 - 2011 – HEROES AND VILLAINS IN RUSSIAN HISTORY, State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg.

2010 – "Family Values". New Manege, Moscow.

– "Six Masters". O. Bulgakova,D. Ikonnikov, A. Mosijchuk, L. Naumova, N. Nesterova, A. Sitnikov. Gallery "Na Chistih prudah", Moscow.

2009 – Loners in search of the meaning of life. Gallery Igor Metelitsyn and Moscow museum of Modern Art.

– From Non-Comformism to Feminisms: Russian Women Artists from the Kolodzei Art Foundation. Chelsea Art Museum, New York.

– Heirs to the Russian Avant-garde. Carré D’Oré gallery, Monaco.

2008 – Art Manege. Heirs to the Russian Avant-garde project. Carré D’Oré gallery. Manege, Moscow.

2007 – "New Angelarium". Moscow museum of Modern Art.

– Presentation of "ARTOGRAPHY" project. New Manege, Moscow.

– "Russian Metaphor". Galilei Exhibition Centre. Moscow.

2006 – "Times of Change". Art of the 1960 - 85s in the Soviet Union. State Russian Museum. St.Petersburg.

– "Expression of Spirit". Dom Naschokina Gallery. Moscow.

2005 – "Moscow Grafika: Artists’ Prints 1961 - 2005". Selections from the Collection of the Kolodzei Art Foundation. International Print Center, New York.

2003 – "Finding Freedom: 40 Years of Soviet and Russian Art". Selectons from the Kolodzei Art Foundation. The Bergen Museum of Art and Science, New Jersey.

2002 – "Twosome". State Russian Museum. St.Petersburg.

– "Russian Symbolism". Ludwig Museum. Koblenz, Germany.

– "Female Art. Woman Artists in Russia 15th - 20th Century". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

2001 – "Portraiture in Russia. 20th Century". State Russian Museum. St.Petersburg.

2000 – "The Hurricane of Time: Turn of the Century, Close of the Millenium. Art of the 1960s through 2000". Selections from the Kolodzei Collection. San Remo, Italy.

1999 - 2000 – "Dreams 1900 - 2000". The Eguitable Gallery. New York, USA; Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien, Vienna, Austria; Passage de Retz. Paris, France.

1999 – "Pushkin: Fantasias on Theme". Moscow Center Of Arts.

1997 - 1998 – "Art Beyond Borders". UNESCO & The international Museum of XX Century Art (TIMOTCA). New York, Paris, Lisbon.

1997 – "The World of perceptible things in pictures – the end of the 20th Century". State Pushkim Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.

1995 – "Russian House". Central House of Artists, Moscow.

1994 – "The True Russia". Contemporary Painting and Sculpture. The Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives. Washington, USA.

– "Russian Collection. The end of 20th Century". M’ARS Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow.

1993 – "The Dream Reveals the Nature of Things". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

1992 – "The Tale of Bread and Tears. 20 Contemporary Russian Artists the witness of their Time". Ljubljana, Slovenia.

1990-1991 – "The Quest for Self - Expression. Painting in Moscow and Leningrad 1965 - 1990", Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, USA; Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

– Exhibition of 26 Moscow and Leningrad Artists. Manege. Leningrad.

1989 – Moscow Artists in London. Riverside Artists Group. London, England.

1988 – Arte Fiera. Bologna, Italy.

– "Soviet Art". Ludwig Museum. Cologne, Germany.

1987 – Exhibition of Moscow Painters. V. Andreenkov, N. Andronov, O. Buigakova, 
N. Egorshina, V. Kulakov, I. Mescheryakova, A. Sitnikov. Dublin, Ireland.

1986-1987 – Exhibition of 6 Moscow Articts. O. Bulgakova, V. Kalinin,T. Nazarenko, T. Nasipova, N. Nesterova, A. Sitnikov. Riga, Latvia; Tallin, Estonia.

1985 – "Russian and Soviet Art. Traditions and Contemporaneity". Dusseldorf - Stuttgart - Hannover, Germany.

1982 – XL Biennale di Venezia. Russian Pavillion. Venice.

– "Aspects of Contemporary Soviet Art". Ludwig Museum. Cologne, Aachen, Germany.

1981 – Exhibition of 23 Moscow Artists. Central House of Artists, Moscow.

1980 – International Triennale of Contemporary Art. Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1979 – International Competition of Young Artists. Sofia, Bulgaria.

1976 – "The Self-Portrait in Russian and Soviet Art". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.


State Tretyakov Gallery
State Russian Museum
Moscow museum of Modern Art
Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts
The Omsk State Museum of Fine Arts
State Art Museum of Pavlodar
The Saratov State Art Museum named after A.N. Radishev
Museum of Contemporary Art. Sofia, Bulgaria
Zimmerli Art Museum. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Ludwig Forum for International Art. Aachen, Germany
The international Museum of XX Century Art (TIMOTCA). Los Angeles, USA
National Museum of Women in the Arts. Washington, USA
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Collection of M’ARS Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
International Images Collection. Sewickley, PA, USA

Collection of Margarita and Jack Hennessy, New York, USA
Collection of Christian Keesee Collection, USA
Collection of Antonio Piccoli, Italy
Collection of Michael Berschader, Vladimir Berschader, Belgium
Collection of Victor Bondarenko
Collection of Annamukhamed Zaripov