The history of mankind, knowledge and presentiment – all this is absorbed in the artist’s canvas.

It is not a plot, nor a rhythm, nor a line but the environment itself and the structure of color that carry information, emotions, a conflict or a harmony of universal, eternal and ancient, though forever modern feelings and notions. There are only a few human types. Only a few qualities, vices and virtues. And so they remain, while solely their individual owners change.

Now color is wild, violent, dramatic and beautiful, now it is tender, soft and gentle. And no words are needed. Everything can be heard. Everything can be touched. Everything is alive at this very moment. Time shrinks and disappears for a spectator, a participator, laying bare his memory about what has been before his birth. Creation of the World – the utmost creative power, a pagan cosmogony – might, brutality and sensuality and also what will be tomorrow – light and still unborn… but strong and beautiful – all this is inseparable. It is a joint structure which only music and painting can store: music of Space and painting of Time.

Natalia Sitnikova